DIY Silver and Gold Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shimmer

DIY Silver and Gold Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shimmer

The metallic sheen of silver and gold work well any time of year. However, they are special when added to Holiday displays of all sorts. This collection of silver and gold decor ideas showcases a number of projects that you could use for the Season or break out any time you need a shimmer or a shine.

Easy DIY Silver and Gold Decor Ideas that Will Transform Your Space

The warmth of gold pairs well with almost any color, though it really stands out with white and black. White seems to bring out its shiny side, while black seems to bring out the warmth of its gold color. Mixing and matching gold pieces is a sure way to warm up any decorative display.

The lustrous shine of silver stands easily on its own. However, add it to a display of white and it harkens to a crisp winter’s morning with snow silently enveloping the world. Silver is a classic highlight that works well in modern and traditional decor.

When you are ready to break out your autumn or winter decorative items, be sure to mix in some gold or silver. The sheen of these metallic pieces will make everything else seem a bit more exquisite.

1. Framed Gold Leaf Shimmers

A gold accessory doesn’t need to be bright and shiny. A subtle shimmer of gold paint makes this framed leaf an extra special accessory to hang on any wall of your home. The oak leaf’s natural edges shine next to the gold edged matte and rich wooden frame. This simple framed piece would work well in a group of similar leaves.

2. Bold Gold Strips Transform a Curtain

Subdued grey curtains get a total transformation with gold leaf stripes. These bold lines give the tall curtains a brand new look that would work in a traditional or a modern decor. The strips jump off the grey-blue wall behind the curtains, while the different widths of the stripes add movement to this window arrangement.

3. Acrylic Table with Gold Supports

A beautifully clear table top gets some shiny support from a gold-painted base. Clear acrylic offers a practical table top that doesn’t take up visual space. The gold supports beneath it bring a subtle hint of shine to the piece. The addition of decorative corners, also in gold, add the perfect finishing touch to this modern side table.

4. Gold Moldings Pop Off a Painted Credenza

White and gold are a natural pairing as the light base coat brings the simmer out of the details. The detailed molding and ornate handles on the credenza are the perfect places for gold highlights. This classic pairing works perfectly as a sideboard in the dining room as well as a dresser in the guest room.

5. Mason Jars Transformed into Gold Vases

Simple Mason jars sporting gold stripes in various widths makes the perfect place to display seasonal flowers. The clear jars allow the beauty of the stems to peak through, while the gold stripes bring a shimmer perfect for a flower display any time of year. One jar offers a brilliant display while multiple would make the perfect centerpiece.

6. Tissue Paper Tassels in a Festive Garland

Silver and gold are perfect accents for the Holidays and for any festive occasion throughout the year. Gold and silver tassels, made from tissue paper, hang from a natural twine garland. This arrangement would make a perfect wrap around the Christmas tree or to hang along the stair rail. Among the simplest DIY silver and gold decor ideas, it would also work hanging below a “Happy Anniversary” sign.

7. Silver Acorns in a Simple White Goblet

Silver is a color often associated with winter display. However, it is definitely a color that works at other times of the year. Autumn acorns sprayed a lustrous silver bring shimmer and texture in this simple centerpiece. The white goblet’s simple curved lines allow the beauty of the silver acorns to stand out.

8. Golden Animal Memo Holder

Gold is the perfect accent for your office, whether at home or at work. This beautiful collection of golden animal memo holders is a prime example. A simple toy gets a shimmering transformation to a classic office piece. An alligator clip stands ready for your first memo. These golden critters, among the most versatile DIY silver and gold decor ideas, would also make great place holders for a Holiday dinner.

9. Pumpkins Boasting a Gleaming Gold Coat

One of the hallmarks of autumn decorating is the pumpkin. But, pumpkins don’t have to be orange to be a perfect fall display. A garland of golden pumpkins makes the perfect accent for this fireplace. The gold shimmers in the firelight, making it a great accent for a Thanksgiving celebration. It would also work strung along a stair rail, inside or out.

10. Simple Gold Dots Rain Down

Fun DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas for Unique and Budget-Friendly Décor

Fun DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas for Unique and Budget-Friendly Décor

For those who enjoy a good glass of wine on the regular, you likely have a lot of wine bottles and wine corks left behind. It may not be immediately clear on what you should do with them, especially when the wine bottles themselves are works of art. Perhaps even more confusing, however, is what you should do with the cork. Many wine crafters put some effort into the creation of their corks. Some come with a special brand or label, or others are made of a specific kind of wood that has its own story. As such, it feels wrong to simply throw them out into the garbage.

DIY Wine Cork Crafts to Decorate Your Home in Unique Ways

As with most items made of wood, corks can be repurposed. In fact, you may have a treasure trove of crafting materials, and you don’t even realize it. Beautiful works of art can be created with your wine corks, and they might even become a focal point of your room or talking piece. For those who love crafts, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for a completely unique and fun chance to perform some DIY wine cork crafts with your remaining wine corks. Check out these 20 ideas.

1. A Trivet With a Unique Story

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just enjoying a meal with your family, you likely need a trivet. This beautiful and elegant craft utilizes wine corks and gives them a practical purpose. More than that, each one has a story that you can share with your guests during the meal. Blend creativity and purpose with this DIY cork project.

2. A Lamp Design Unlike Any Other

For those who need DIY wine cork crafts centered around a craft that can use a lot of wine corks, look no further than this project. By combining this with a favorite wine bottle, you can create an entirely new lamp. Fill the lamp with your old corks to create a piece that looks beautiful and uses tons of corks.

3. A Cork Chandelier That Can Delight

Another brilliant craft to consider for those who live under a pile of wine corks is a stunning cork chandelier. Perfect for a beach home or just a place where the wine action occurs, this chandelier is sure to be a talking point for all of your future gatherings. You can also hang it outside for an earthy wind chime.

4. A Unique and Earthy Flower Vase

Instead of just sticking your flowers in the typical glass and plastic vases, why not up the game and try this craft instead? By simply sticking wine corks on around the original vase, you can completely transform the aesthetic of the flowers. Wood pairs well with flowers and this awesome craft can make the area appear earthy and elegantly natural.

5. A Wine-Inspired Cork Christmas Tree Craft

Need some DIY wine cork crafts for kids? This could be the project for you. With the holidays, you can break out your wine corks and have your children make these fun and interesting cork Christmas trees. Together, you can make an entire forest out of them and put a new spin on Christmas decorations. You can even plant them outside.

6. Kitchen Tools Holders Never Looked So Good

If you have a kitchen, then you have cooking instruments. Instead of taking up drawer space that could be utilized for something else, you can craft a wine cork holder to keep those instruments together in one place. Not only does it serve a practical solution for storage, but it also looks wonderful on your kitchen counter next to the wine.

7. A Decorative Letter Made of Corks

After drinking a ton of wine, you’ll be left with a lot of seemingly useless wine corks. Instead of throwing them out, you can use them to make a brand new decorative piece for your home. You can carefully arrange them into a letter that depicts either your family’s name or that represents something else that’s important in your life.

8. Keychain And Jewelry That’s Totally Original

Another interesting project to take on is to take those wine corks and form either a keychain or jewelry out of them. For those who love wood, not to mention the healing properties wood can possess, adding it to your jewelry is a way to stand out from the rest. You can craft beautiful pieces that can’t be found elsewhere.

9. A Charming Picture Mount for Memories

For those who are constantly looking for ways to display their favorite pictures, then you should consider utilizing your wine corks. Whether you dye them a certain color or just keep them natural, you can clip your favorite photos and attach them to the cork for a stable and durable picture mount. They’ll be displayed proudly and can be easily arranged.

10. Out with the Old, Boring, Tile

Everyone loves tile. Whether it’s on the floor or used as a backwash, tile has become a staple for many modern rooms. However, tile doesn’t always need to be tile. One of the coolest DIY wine cork crafts out there is making a tile-piece out of corks. Whether you use it as a placemat or something else, it’ll look great.

Fun Games and Craft Activities to Do With Your Kids

Fun Games and Craft Activities to Do With Your Kids

DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

Get in touch with your roots via a hands-on genealogical project. Dot the print-out template with thumbprint leaves, then start mapping extended relatives galore.

DIY Paper Bracelets

We love a two-for-one activity: First, paint poppy abstract shapes with watercolors, and then have older kids cut the paper into strips and fold them into wearable art.

DIY Fairy Garden

To you, it’s just glitter; to them it’s magical pixie dust. Sprinkle some over your pint-sized garden and wait for the fairies to come out and play!

DIY Flight School

These paper planes are perfect for kids — just fold, and let your imagination fly. Increase the challenge by making some cardboard targets for the planes to fly through.

DIY Spiky Sponges

When skipping through the sprinkler loses its charm, pull out these homemade spiky sponges for a riff on water balloons (that won’t cause bruising).

DIY Owl Puppet

Handprint turkey, step aside: A new paper craft can rule the roost. Add string to the cup’s sides, and you’ve got yourself a feathered cap, too.

DIY Story Stones

This mom takes rock painting a step further: After the paint’s dry, the images on the stones become characters in a story everyone can tell together.

DIY Origami Frogs

When the fun of folding origami frogs is over, extend playtime with sidewalk games to see which hopper can jump the furthest.

DIY Paper Bead Necklaces

Strips of scrapbooking paper look super cute when rolled into beads, but you can also have your kids experiment with wrapping paper, magazine clippings, or newsprint for a craft you can do without going to the store.

DIY Tie-Dye Spin Art

Transform your salad spinner into a carnival-style spin art machine. Just make sure you fill squeeze bottles with washable paint, in case splatters land outside of the coffee filter canvas.

How to Make a Succulent Wreath With Real, Living Plants

How to Make a Succulent Wreath With Real, Living Plants

Grow a whole new tradition this year some gorgeous door decor.

Making your own succulent wreath is surprisingly easy. You can pick your favorite shapes and textures from more than 60 plant families. For this wreath, florist Mark Kintzel chose varieties of the genus Echeveria, which resembles a flower with its geometric leaves; Sedum, a low-growing, rounded green plant; Pachyphytum, whose plump, fleshy leaves have a powdery white coating; Portulacaria, compact, green, and shrub-like; and Gasteria, a spiky tongue-like plant closely related to aloe.

To craft your own wreath, you’ll need a 15- or 16-inch sphagnum moss living wreath frame ($15,; 30 to 35 succulents ($40 for 20,; Spanish moss ($4,, floral pins ($5,, and floral stem wire ($4,; plus a screwdriver, scissors, and craft paper or newspaper to cover your work surface.

Prep your materials.

Cover your work surface with craft paper. Submerge the wreath frame in water for 30 minutes, then remove and let drain for 10 minutes. Attach florist wire to the back of the wreath frame if you plan to hang it.

Take the succulents out of their containers and wipe the soil from each root system. Plan your design by arranging the succulents in a circle the same size as your wreath.

Plant your wreath.

Using a screwdriver, poke a hole in the wreath, slightly spreading the netting and the sphagnum moss so the root system will fit inside. Make a fairly deep insertion, but don’t poke straight through.

To enlarge the opening, snip the mesh around the hole with scissors. Insert the succulent root into the hole and squeeze the sphagnum moss of the wreath around its base.

Secure the succulents

To anchor the plants, insert a floral pin around a leaf or stem of each succulent. This will keep them in place, especially if you plan to hang the wreath before they are fully rooted in the frame, which takes six to eight weeks.

Fill in the gaps

Continue around the entire frame until all plants are placed and then tuck Spanish moss around the succulents to fill in the wreath, hiding any exposed part of the frame.

Keep your plants hydrated.

Soak the entire wreath in a basin of water for about 15 minutes once a week, or whenever you feel it getting dry. Succulents will also benefit from a weekly misting.

Hang your living wreath in a sunny indoor spot or display it on a sun-splashed tabletop. After the holidays, you can re-pot the succulents into new arrangements and place them around your home.



Today I’m happy to be participating in The Polka Dot Chair’s Summer Sewing series! When I first signed up, I thought I would have a ton of things to sew for summer.

Then I remembered it’s stinkin’ hot here (seriously, 100+ for the last two weeks) and I have two toddlers. Not much outside time for us! We’d prefer not to melt, thank you very much.

But one thing I do love about the summer is that we get to take advantage of the drying/bleaching power of the bright summer sun. We cloth diaper our boys, which means I am outside, hanging diapers on the line every single day. I decided to sew myself a shark that would hold my clothespins with a giant toothy grin on his face!


Note: these measurements may change depending on the size of your hanger.

1/2 yard gray fabric
1/2 yard red fabric
1 yard giant white rick rack
Hanger (I used an antique hanger, but any will work)
Coordinating thread
Black buttons (I used shank buttons)


Start by cutting your fabric. From the red and the gray, you’ll need to cut a piece that is 30″ wide by the width of your hanger, plus 2″ (my hanger was 13″, so I cut my piece 30″ x 15″).

Cut two pieces of rick rack the same length as the short side of your fabric (mine was 15″).Place your two pieces of fabric right sides together. Sandwich the rick rack on each end and pin carefully.

Sew all the way around the edge of your fabric, with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave a small hole along the long side for turning.

Turn the whole thing right side out and iron your edges so everything lies flat.

Fold one short edge down 6″ and iron a crease. Place a pin on the center of your crease. Sew a button hole along the crease — this is where you will insert your hanger.

Now you’re going to fold the length of fabric, gray side together, into the shape of your shark, and pin. Make sure the button hole is along the top crease of your fabric. In the photo below, my button hole is at the top center.

Sew a straight line down each side with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Turn everything right sides out, and iron flat.

Sew on your button eyes, insert your hanger through the button hole and you’re done!

So freaking cute. What a happy, helpful shark!

Stunning and Useful Storage Ideas

Stunning and Useful Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas allow us to get really creative, while reusing and recycling things we already have in our home

Mason Jar

Mason Jars are not just for food and drink, someone got really creative with the idea to use them for storing makeup brushes, cotton balls, q tips and even as a holder for their glasses.

Office Organizers

These arent just for files and folders anymore, Office organizers like this one they are perfect for storing lids. Due to the sleek dimensions you can also install these on the inside of your cupboards.

Shoe Bags

Despite the name these are actually great for storing many bathroom and kitchen items, especially if you’re working with a small space.

Plastic Hooks

Utilize the storage space inside your cupboards by sticking on some plastic hooks and hanging your curling irons or any other items you so choose. These storage ideas are brilliant.

Toilet paper rolls

No need to throw out your old toilet rolls anymore, save them up and try to recreate this fantastic storage device for all your small items. Store your chargers, cords, and other wires in this nifty little contraption.

Stool Storage

Sounds a little crazy right? Well, an upside down stool and a some linen bags makes for a super sleek and interesting storage idea for your umbrella, wrapping paper, craft items, etc.

Fun and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Fun and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids are great to keep yourself and your family occupied for the summer. No need to worry about how you’re going to come up with creative ideas for the little ones. We have some great ideas.

Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

1.Microwave Paint

2. Butterfly Wings

Fulfill your little girl’s butterfly dreams by making her this adorable pair of wings using cardboard

3.Tin Can Windsocks

You can make this fun windsocks using some empty tin cans, strings and some paint

4.Paper Plate Turtle

How adorable is this colorful little turtle? How kids will love playing with this fun craft toy as much as you’ll enjoying making it with them.

5.Paper Plate Fan

The summer is already a scorcher and it promises to get even hotter. So this kids craft will certainly come in handy. Its probably the easiest one on the list too,just cut a plate in half, and add some sticks for handles

6.Paper Tambourine

Thanks to you can make your kid a cute paper plate tambourine that won’t be as noisy as the real thing.

7. Crafty kaleidoscope

An empty Pringles bottle can easily transition into a cool kaleidoscope that will keep your little ones occupied for hours on end.

8.Pasta Necklace

Pasta makes for a delicious meal, but it also serves as a fun Summer Crafts for Kids as well. All you need are the pasta pieces, strings and colored paint.

Uses for Empty Pill Bottles Around the House | DIY Projects

Uses for Empty Pill Bottles Around the House | DIY Projects

Looking for DIY uses for empty pill bottles? If they’re just laying around, put them to good use with an upcycling project or two! I did some decluttering recently and found a stash of empty pill bottles. I didn’t realize we’ve collected a lot through the years. I didn’t want to throw them out since they are on my list of things to never throw away. So what to do with them? Well, recycle pill bottles for DIY crafts and projects, of course.

Repurposing Ideas: Uses for Empty Pill Bottles

1. Button Organization

I bet you didn’t think you could use pill bottles to corral and stack those buttons neatly. The supplies on the tutorial show plastic storage tubes, but pill bottles will work perfectly in this DIY project too

2. Concealed Key Storage

Glue a rock to a pill bottle and you have yourself a concealed key storage. No one would think of searching random rocks in your garden so this is much better than hiding your key under the mat

3. Pill Bottle Survival Kit

Survival kits have to be handy and portable. It’s a good thing you have pill bottles to organize and store them in.

4. Moisturizer/Shampoo or Conditioner Container

Going on a trip? Don’t worry about airline guidelines on liquids by using empty pill bottles for storage. You can use them to store shampoo, first aid ointments, and other things to help you pack light for your trip

5. Pill Bottle Fire Starters

Get the kids involved in a little craft project by making these easy DIY fire starters

DIY Vintage Americana Wall Art Map

DIY Vintage Americana Wall Art Map

I love vintage Americana art. It’s so unique and tells a story of a time I wish I could have seen. This fun project is inspired by those times and is meant to serve as a starting inspiration point for you to create (and curate!) your own! Start by frequenting flea markets, salvage yards, and antique and thrift stores for pieces that could be cut into strips or that are narrow. Think anything that shows wear, like old sports balls, books (the spines would look rad!), keys, even wood trim that’s seen better days!

DIY Vintage America Wall Art Map

Alright, let’s gather together your supplies and get started. All you need to do is run to home depot and maybe order a poster of the U.S map online. Let’s do this!

You’ll need:
2 pieces of ⅜” plywood (mine measured 20” x 24”)
4 pieces of ¾” x 1½” trim (I used 2 pieces 24” and 2 pieces 18½”)
Stencil or outline of United States
Nails (I used ¾”)
E6000 glue
White acrylic paint + brushes
Collection of vintage-inspired pieces to display


Steps 1-2.

Cut your wood to size using a table saw if you have one. If not, most hardware stores will cut the wood for you! Just make sure to have your measurements handy. Print out an outline of the USA to your desired size. I found a free image online and manipulated it in Photoshop to the size I wanted. Then print it out poster-style, 2 sheets by 2 sheets. Tape it all together and cut out your stencil. Lay your stencil on a sheet of cut plywood. Make sure it’s centered! Trace around it using a pencil. Place the plywood on top of two sawhorses so you have space underneath for the drill and jigsaw to cut through.

Step 3.

Drill holes in the center of the map outline you traced with your drill. If you have bits large enough to accommodate the jigsaw blade, just one hole in each area is good. Otherwise you’ll have to overlap them. I made about 5 holes across the country – in Maine, Texas, Washington, Oklahoma, and Florida (roughly).

Step 4.

Cut the inside of the outline out! Insert the jigsaw into one of your pre-drilled holes and take it to the line you traced, slowly following the shape. You may need to stop and change directions or cut out some chunks to get some areas. It’s okay, take your time, and make sure you’re wearing protective glasses and a dust mask, trust me on that, the last thing you want is sawdust in your eyes and mouth.

Step 5.

Nail the bottom of the box together, which is the solid piece of plywood and the four cut side pieces, and paint the inside white. Don’t try to make it perfect, we’re going for a weathered, vintage look.

Step 6.

While the paint is drying, cut your pieces of collected treasure you’ll be displaying to the proper (20” in this case) length. I found an xacto knife to work best, but use scissors, a saw, or whatever the material requires

Step 7.

Lay out your design. Take some time with it, make sure it’s just how you want it.

Step 8.

Working from one side to the other, pick up a piece, apply a good amount of E6000 glue to the underside of it, and firmly press into place and hold for about 45 seconds. Repeat until you reach the other side.

Step 9.

Nail your top cutout piece of plywood to the box. Paint the top and sides white. Distress as you wish. If you want to hang it on the wall, add two small eye hooks and wire to the back to create your hanging piece.
And that’s it! It really was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I have so much fun using power tools. Now it’s your turn! Get creative! Instead of the USA, maybe do a cutout of your home state and fill with items native to that area. Or go with a more found-vintage approach and really curate an awesome collection. You could also use pieces that are reminiscent of that area of the country which it’s being placed under. There really are so many possibilities for you to make it your own!

Impressive & Easy DIY Recycle Projects For Your Home

Impressive & Easy DIY Recycle Projects For Your Home

Raring to get your hands on some recycling projects? Then you’ve come to the right place! These 15 recycle projects are all impressively ingenious and would fit right into your home decor.
It’s time to do something constructive with all the tons of old stuff you don’t use anymore. Today, I’ll be talking about remarkable ways to repurpose your old stuff. So, if you’re looking for some impressive and easy ideas for reusing old and rusty stuff, this is for you!

Impressive & Easy DIY Recycle Projects For Your Home

Recycle projects are always fun and exciting. Whether it is for beautifying the home or adding storage and organization to a space, recycling old stuff is beneficial in many ways. Giving old items that would’ve otherwise just ended up in the trash a new lease on life not only saves your decorating budget, it also helps save the environment. So today, I bring you easy and clever decorating ideas from old and unused materials. Ready to get started? Let’s get to recycling!

1. DIY Chicken Nesting Boxes

Cool! Give your hens a nesting place that won’t cost you a fortune with these DIY chicken nesting boxes.

2. DIY Tire Ottoman

Wow! This stylish ottoman won’t break the bank as it only requires a few supplies. It’s great for putting your feet up and providing extra seating in a pinch.

3. Plastic Bottle Zippered Container

This is a fun project to make with the kids. All you need is a zipper, hot glue, and a colored plastic bottle

4. DIY Saucepan Lid Owls

With just a few things you probably already have lying around at home, like random saucepan lids, you can make your own magnificent owls. These are a perfect example of making the most of what you have!

5. Wine Cork Garden Markers

This wine cork recycling project is such a genius idea. This is a fun and easy way to label what you’ve got growing in the garden

6. DIY Recycled Tire Planters

These DIY Recycled Tire Planters are sure to level up your garden design. You only need some old spare tires and plants to make this project.

7. Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottles

This project is perfect for a party table or special occasion displays sweets and snacks in all their delicious glory sweets or snacks as well.

8. Recycle DIY Watering Can

Make your own watering can from any lidded container with a handle. Just poke some holes in the lid, and you’ve got exactly what you need!