DIY Silver and Gold Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shimmer

DIY Silver and Gold Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shimmer

The metallic sheen of silver and gold work well any time of year. However, they are special when added to Holiday displays of all sorts. This collection of silver and gold decor ideas showcases a number of projects that you could use for the Season or break out any time you need a shimmer or a shine.

Easy DIY Silver and Gold Decor Ideas that Will Transform Your Space

The warmth of gold pairs well with almost any color, though it really stands out with white and black. White seems to bring out its shiny side, while black seems to bring out the warmth of its gold color. Mixing and matching gold pieces is a sure way to warm up any decorative display.

The lustrous shine of silver stands easily on its own. However, add it to a display of white and it harkens to a crisp winter’s morning with snow silently enveloping the world. Silver is a classic highlight that works well in modern and traditional decor.

When you are ready to break out your autumn or winter decorative items, be sure to mix in some gold or silver. The sheen of these metallic pieces will make everything else seem a bit more exquisite.

1. Framed Gold Leaf Shimmers

A gold accessory doesn’t need to be bright and shiny. A subtle shimmer of gold paint makes this framed leaf an extra special accessory to hang on any wall of your home. The oak leaf’s natural edges shine next to the gold edged matte and rich wooden frame. This simple framed piece would work well in a group of similar leaves.

2. Bold Gold Strips Transform a Curtain

Subdued grey curtains get a total transformation with gold leaf stripes. These bold lines give the tall curtains a brand new look that would work in a traditional or a modern decor. The strips jump off the grey-blue wall behind the curtains, while the different widths of the stripes add movement to this window arrangement.

3. Acrylic Table with Gold Supports

A beautifully clear table top gets some shiny support from a gold-painted base. Clear acrylic offers a practical table top that doesn’t take up visual space. The gold supports beneath it bring a subtle hint of shine to the piece. The addition of decorative corners, also in gold, add the perfect finishing touch to this modern side table.

4. Gold Moldings Pop Off a Painted Credenza

White and gold are a natural pairing as the light base coat brings the simmer out of the details. The detailed molding and ornate handles on the credenza are the perfect places for gold highlights. This classic pairing works perfectly as a sideboard in the dining room as well as a dresser in the guest room.

5. Mason Jars Transformed into Gold Vases

Simple Mason jars sporting gold stripes in various widths makes the perfect place to display seasonal flowers. The clear jars allow the beauty of the stems to peak through, while the gold stripes bring a shimmer perfect for a flower display any time of year. One jar offers a brilliant display while multiple would make the perfect centerpiece.

6. Tissue Paper Tassels in a Festive Garland

Silver and gold are perfect accents for the Holidays and for any festive occasion throughout the year. Gold and silver tassels, made from tissue paper, hang from a natural twine garland. This arrangement would make a perfect wrap around the Christmas tree or to hang along the stair rail. Among the simplest DIY silver and gold decor ideas, it would also work hanging below a “Happy Anniversary” sign.

7. Silver Acorns in a Simple White Goblet

Silver is a color often associated with winter display. However, it is definitely a color that works at other times of the year. Autumn acorns sprayed a lustrous silver bring shimmer and texture in this simple centerpiece. The white goblet’s simple curved lines allow the beauty of the silver acorns to stand out.

8. Golden Animal Memo Holder

Gold is the perfect accent for your office, whether at home or at work. This beautiful collection of golden animal memo holders is a prime example. A simple toy gets a shimmering transformation to a classic office piece. An alligator clip stands ready for your first memo. These golden critters, among the most versatile DIY silver and gold decor ideas, would also make great place holders for a Holiday dinner.

9. Pumpkins Boasting a Gleaming Gold Coat

One of the hallmarks of autumn decorating is the pumpkin. But, pumpkins don’t have to be orange to be a perfect fall display. A garland of golden pumpkins makes the perfect accent for this fireplace. The gold shimmers in the firelight, making it a great accent for a Thanksgiving celebration. It would also work strung along a stair rail, inside or out.

10. Simple Gold Dots Rain Down

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