Fun DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas for Unique and Budget-Friendly Décor

Fun DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas for Unique and Budget-Friendly Décor

For those who enjoy a good glass of wine on the regular, you likely have a lot of wine bottles and wine corks left behind. It may not be immediately clear on what you should do with them, especially when the wine bottles themselves are works of art. Perhaps even more confusing, however, is what you should do with the cork. Many wine crafters put some effort into the creation of their corks. Some come with a special brand or label, or others are made of a specific kind of wood that has its own story. As such, it feels wrong to simply throw them out into the garbage.

DIY Wine Cork Crafts to Decorate Your Home in Unique Ways

As with most items made of wood, corks can be repurposed. In fact, you may have a treasure trove of crafting materials, and you don’t even realize it. Beautiful works of art can be created with your wine corks, and they might even become a focal point of your room or talking piece. For those who love crafts, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for a completely unique and fun chance to perform some DIY wine cork crafts with your remaining wine corks. Check out these 20 ideas.

1. A Trivet With a Unique Story

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just enjoying a meal with your family, you likely need a trivet. This beautiful and elegant craft utilizes wine corks and gives them a practical purpose. More than that, each one has a story that you can share with your guests during the meal. Blend creativity and purpose with this DIY cork project.

2. A Lamp Design Unlike Any Other

For those who need DIY wine cork crafts centered around a craft that can use a lot of wine corks, look no further than this project. By combining this with a favorite wine bottle, you can create an entirely new lamp. Fill the lamp with your old corks to create a piece that looks beautiful and uses tons of corks.

3. A Cork Chandelier That Can Delight

Another brilliant craft to consider for those who live under a pile of wine corks is a stunning cork chandelier. Perfect for a beach home or just a place where the wine action occurs, this chandelier is sure to be a talking point for all of your future gatherings. You can also hang it outside for an earthy wind chime.

4. A Unique and Earthy Flower Vase

Instead of just sticking your flowers in the typical glass and plastic vases, why not up the game and try this craft instead? By simply sticking wine corks on around the original vase, you can completely transform the aesthetic of the flowers. Wood pairs well with flowers and this awesome craft can make the area appear earthy and elegantly natural.

5. A Wine-Inspired Cork Christmas Tree Craft

Need some DIY wine cork crafts for kids? This could be the project for you. With the holidays, you can break out your wine corks and have your children make these fun and interesting cork Christmas trees. Together, you can make an entire forest out of them and put a new spin on Christmas decorations. You can even plant them outside.

6. Kitchen Tools Holders Never Looked So Good

If you have a kitchen, then you have cooking instruments. Instead of taking up drawer space that could be utilized for something else, you can craft a wine cork holder to keep those instruments together in one place. Not only does it serve a practical solution for storage, but it also looks wonderful on your kitchen counter next to the wine.

7. A Decorative Letter Made of Corks

After drinking a ton of wine, you’ll be left with a lot of seemingly useless wine corks. Instead of throwing them out, you can use them to make a brand new decorative piece for your home. You can carefully arrange them into a letter that depicts either your family’s name or that represents something else that’s important in your life.

8. Keychain And Jewelry That’s Totally Original

Another interesting project to take on is to take those wine corks and form either a keychain or jewelry out of them. For those who love wood, not to mention the healing properties wood can possess, adding it to your jewelry is a way to stand out from the rest. You can craft beautiful pieces that can’t be found elsewhere.

9. A Charming Picture Mount for Memories

For those who are constantly looking for ways to display their favorite pictures, then you should consider utilizing your wine corks. Whether you dye them a certain color or just keep them natural, you can clip your favorite photos and attach them to the cork for a stable and durable picture mount. They’ll be displayed proudly and can be easily arranged.

10. Out with the Old, Boring, Tile

Everyone loves tile. Whether it’s on the floor or used as a backwash, tile has become a staple for many modern rooms. However, tile doesn’t always need to be tile. One of the coolest DIY wine cork crafts out there is making a tile-piece out of corks. Whether you use it as a placemat or something else, it’ll look great.

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