DIY Crafty Paper Animal Bookmarks

DIY Crafty Paper Animal Bookmarks

Paper Animal Bookmarks are perfect not just as a fun project for you and the kids, but a useful one as well. These cute little paper craft are perfect for kids who love to read and we have a cool tutorial below.

Make your own Animal Bookmarks

Calling all book lovers near and far! This fun project is brought to you by Jill from and it certainly makes for a fun summer project for you and the kids. As usual i’ll give you the first couple of steps in the tutorial to get you started, then you can finish up your project by checking out the full tutorial on the createcraftlove website.

Materials and supplies needed

Cricut Maker
Cricut scoring wheel
Fine point blade
Jewel Cardstock Sampler 12×12
Sorbet Cardstock Sampler 12×12
Basic Cardstock Sampler 12×12
Light Grip Mat 12×12
Hot glue gun
Jill also used the following Design Space images:

Snake Book Corner #M456F5
Lion Book Corner #M406D8
Shark Book Corner #M44C3B
Gorilla Book Corner #M45EE6

Review the image options in Design Space. There is no need to re-size them. Pick the colors of paper you wish to use and proceed to the cut screen. Since there are scoring lines included in the design, Design Space will prompt you which scoring wheel to use.

This will depend on the material you pick. We are working with card stock therefore the software will suggest the single scoring wheel. You can tell by the number on the side of the wheel. The single wheel is designated as 01. Design Space will let you know when to place it in the machine based on the cut layers. The single wheel creates a single crease on the cardstock.

Then, Fold the large piece along the crease lines and secure with the hot glue gun. Then you’ll start assembling the animal bookmarks.

Now that we’ve gotten you through the first few steps, you can check out the full tutorial here

Create your very own Paper Animal Bookmarks and be sure to tell us how it went. Share your comments with us; we love hearing from you!

DIY Vertical Gardening Projects For Small Space Gardening

DIY Vertical Gardening Projects For Small Space Gardening

Get inspired by these DIY vertical gardening ideas and projects which literally take gardening to new heights! There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and growing your own herbs and vegetables. Whether you have a small yard or no yard at all, vertical wall gardens help maximize the space you do have, as well as make it possible to garden indoors! We’ve collected some beautiful DIY vertical gardening projects, which use anything from pallets to soda bottles. Check them all out as you continue reading.
DIY Vertical Gardening Projects to Give Life to Your Bare Walls!

1. Hanging Basket Herb Garden

There is a certain rustic charm to baskets that gives any DIY-er a thrill. These hanging basket planters sure are making us fall even more in love with plants. I love that the planters can host both herbs and ornaments in its three layers.

2. DIY Potted Tower Vertical Planter

When practicality and beauty meet halfway, you get this DIY vertical planter or potted tower. It’s a pretty straightforward gardening idea. You take five pots of different sizes, fill them with good soil, then stack them up to make a tower design. You then fill them with herbs or trailing flowering plants and you get this work of art worthy of your porch!

3. Galvanized Pipes Hanging Garden

Give life to the bare and dull corners and walls outside of your home. These hanging galvanized pipe planters are just the thing for those spaces. With wooden panels, these planters are an easy fix.

4. Upcycled Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

Make this hanging soda bottle planters from a few recycled pieces and you will want to make some more. Nothing can be more sustainable than this DIY project, which finds a new use for plastic bottles. They are some of the worst culprits when it comes to pollution, and nothing can be more environment-friendly than recycling them into productive planters!

5. DIY Hanging Fence Herb Garden

Fence surfaces are a prime gardening space which often goes ignored. Whether it’s a wooden fence, metal, or concrete, there is a way to hang plants on its surface. This DIY hanging fence herb garden is simply a collection of buckets repurposed into herb planters.

6. DIY Pallet Garden Wall

Pin this project to your collection of fancy pallet projects for indoors. But then, this wall planter also works outdoors. This is another bright idea for low-cost gardening projects using sustainable materials, which you can even make for free. This hanging pallet planter is also simple and easy–something even a DIY novice can handle!

7. Repurposed Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

This is why we never throw old, even dirty, materials away. An old and stained shoe organizer can easily and quickly make a DIY hanging planter. You simply slide a potted plant into the slots and voila! You have an instant vertical or wall garden!

8. How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter

This strawberry tube planter sure is a head-turner. It is guaranteed to catch the eye of curious onlookers. Make this vertical strawberry tube planter and enjoy homegrown strawberries which are guaranteed fresh, clean, and healthy!

9. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

Whether you have a classic or modern house design, plants work well as decor. In both interior and exterior home design, plants are wonderful yet inexpensive decor items. This DIY vertical plant hanger will only add more charm and appeal to your already wonderful plant decor.

10. Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Garden

Add life to your porch or patio divider with this free-standing vertical pallet planter. Every space in your garden is prime property when it comes to gardening and decoration. What better divider than one which is productive, be it for practical culinary purposes or simply for natural beauty?

Sports Themed Craft Projects

Sports Themed Craft Projects

Craft Projects can be fun for the entire family, but often times we see quite a bit of craft projects for females, or the girly girls. Today we decided to mix it up a bit, giving some cool craft ideas for the men, the boys and the tomboys. Check them out below.

Photo Booth Props

Have some fun while watching the game with friends and family by trying out this cool photo booth idea.

Paper Plate Hanging Signs

Let your little ones mark their territory by making these adorable door signs using paper plates and strings

Mini Football Field

One artsy Mama took creativity to a whole new level with a flowerpot, some Popsicle sticks and a few other items.

Baseball Clipboard

This one is for the little league coach who wants to add a unique touch to his clipboard. craftsbyamanda has a great sports theme tutorial for you.

Basketball Hoops Snack Bowl

These mini snack bows are perfect for your sports loving kids birthday party. All you need for these craft projects are some white paper cups and some sharpie.

Football Party Favors

Party favors don’t have to be expensive, quite the opposite actually. These cool craft projects were made with ziploc bags and cardboard.

DIY Kids Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour

DIY Kids Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour

Looking for DIY crafts your kids can make in under an hour? Good call, kids should always be working on their creativity. With all the technology they have access to nowadays, I feel like it is my role as a mother to keep their creative juices flowing.

What are the chances your child is either playing their favorite video game or staring at the television most of the day? What can we do as moms to keep them busy without technology? Get them into crafting and have them enjoy making cool art projects and stuff with their hands. If you want some cool craft ideas for the kids to work on, here’s a list that will give you tons of inspiration. From art projects to easy DIY crafts, you won’t run out of things to keep your kids busy.


DIY Kids Craft Ideas | Easy Crafts for Kids

1. Make a Wizard Wand!

This DIY wizard wand is easy, quick, and made of materials you most likely already have in your craft room.

To make a wizard wand you will need:

a dowel
a hot glue gun (used with supervision)

Assemble the wand by gluing the paper to the base of the dowel and rolling it up for your grip. Then use the glue gun to make cool vine-like markings. The last step is to paint it! We chose to mix brown and gold paint together for a mystical woodsy effect. Have fun to style your wand however you want, the wand chooses the wizard, after all!

2. 17 Pipe Cleaner Crafts

So many DIY kids crafts you and your kids can do with pipe cleaners! Little girls can be a princess with a DIY crown and little boys can make a hungry caterpillar.

3. 15 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Did you know your kids can do tons of fun stuff with toilet paper rolls? The next time you go to throw away all those used TP rolls, think twice about what you could be making.

4. 12 DIY Slime Recipes

Let your budding scientist create one or all these fun DIY slime recipes. Once done, let them have a one of kind experience they’ll surely treasure for years to come! This is a great souvenir for children’s birthday parties, too.

5. Fun Handprint Canvas Art Ideas

Something adorable even toddlers can do. Help their imagination soar with what animal or insect they can come up with using their own prints.



Do you ever have those moments where you’re running around the house, trying to grab everything you need before flying out the door, only to get in your car and realize you can’t find your keys?! Yeah, not so much fun! In hopes of trying to have those moments happen a little less often, we partnered with Fossil to create this pegboard wall organizer! It’s a space you can keep all those necessities, keys, sunglasses, your bag, all in one convenient spot so they’re ready to grab & go! So hopefully it helps makes your life a little easier and more organized and your wall space a little prettier!

What you need:
– 3/4″ thick board or plywood
– Wooden dowels – 3/4-1″ diameter
– Circular saw
– Miter box
– Sand paper
– Yard stick
– Pencil
– Drill or drill press
– Forstner drill bit
– Screws
– Screw driver


Cut board to size with circular saw. (Ours is 32″x22″) Sand any rough edges if necessary. Measure and mark where your peg holes will be. Ours are 4″ apart one way and 4 3/8″ apart the other way. Use a forstner bit to drill the holes, making sure they are the same diameter as the dowel (you want them to fit tightly!); do not drill the holes all the way through the board. On the dowel, measure and mark how long your pegs will be (our pegs are 3.5″). Cut the dowel into pegs using a miter box. Sand any rough edges on the pegs. Determine what size you want your shelves and cut wood to size using the extra wood from the wood you used for the back. Sand the shelves. Drill holes to screw board to wall. We put our screw holes in the peg holes. Screw pegboard to the wall. Place pegs into the holes. Place shelves on pegs as desired.

DIY Wooden Wall Shelf

DIY Wooden Wall Shelf

I like to decorate and redecorate the spaces in my house.
It’s one of my favorite past times!!

So when I decided that my kitchen needed more storage space, it gave me a
new place to think about and work on.
I wanted something that would give my small kitchen more storage space.

I decided to build an open shelving display/storage unit.

The supplies I used are:

4- 1″ x 8″ cut to 30″
2- 1″ x 8″ cut to 36″
1- 1″ x 4″ cut to 30″
wood stain

I built the frame first.

I made a rectangle with 2- 30″ pieces on the top and bottom and the 36″ pieces on the sides.
I butted the pieces up to each other, no fancy mitering.
I used wood glue and wood screws.
I went with a rustic look so I didn’t countersink the screws.
But if you want a more polished look, you could countersink and then
cover the screws with wood putty.

After the frame was built, I added the shelves.
I wanted the top one to be a different height than the other ones.
The top shelf is 8″ down.
The other ones are 12″ down each.
I used wood glue and wood screws for these too.

I wanted a secure way to hang the shelf, so I added a 1×4 to the back side to hide the
hanging hardware.

After the shelf was built, I sanded it really well, then gave it 1 coat of
Minwax red mahogany stain.
Then waxed over the top of it with Minwax finishing paste.
After everything was dry, I hung it with a cleat system similar to this.

Then came the fun part- accessorizing.
For now, I’m using this open shelving to store fruit, cereal bowls. some wooden cutting boards, cake stands, a few of my vintage scales and some fun polka dot dishes. This will be a fun place to change out with the seasons.

This shelving unit added a ton of storage space to our pretty small kitchen.
I’m happy with how it turned out!



Over the last few months I’ve found myself pinning various styles of cardboard houses on Pinterest. I’ve been wanting to make one, so when my daughter’s 2nd birthday party was coming up, I knew this was the perfect opportunity. Baby/toddler birthday parties always feel a little tricky for me. They can’t really play organized games yet, and January is too bitter cold in our area to play outside. These houses were the perfect “what to do with the babies” solution.

1. Supplies: large cardboard boxes, box knife, wallpaper or wrapping paper, paint, masking tape and/or packing tape, hot glue, double sided tape

2. Tape your box together and draw out where you’d like the windows and door to be. Lay it down and cut out the shapes with your box knife.

3. Paint any doors and trim. Use your double sided tape or glue to adhere the wallpaper/wrapping paper to the box.

4. Use hot glue to glue shingles onto the roof and any other ornamentation you’d like on the outside of your house.
These houses went over really well with the kiddos and (mostly) contained them to a single room. The part I love about a project like this is that it can be used for a party, but it is just as much fun every day! xo. Katie



Tissue paper flowers make a gorgeous budget wedding centerpiece with a big impact! Learn how to make tissue paper flowers, as well as different methods for cutting the petals to create four unique styles.

Our budget was a little lopsided for the wedding. We knew we wanted great food and a fantastic photographer — which left about $4 for table decorations. I’d thought about making fabric flowers for the centerpieces, but then I realized that fabric (as many of you know), ain’t cheap either.

A while back, I bought some paper pompoms to decorate my friend’s daughter’s birthday party. I realized they are not at all hard to make, so I decided that “rivers of flowers” would decorate the centers of our long 8′ tables. I was able to get a good price on the paper through a wholesaler. Which was good, because I needed, like, 500 flowers.

While it seemed kind of crazy to make 500 paper flowers, it actually wasn’t too bad. I had the help of many of my family and friends, who came over and helped me fluff all the flowers. My lovely mother watched HGTV and fluffed more than I can count. They turned out beautifully and I got so many compliments on the decor at the wedding. A bunch of friends took them home after the big day to use at other parties they were throwing.

One tip: make sure they are all fluffed before the big day! There will be way too many to fluff the day of, and it will just stress you out. I basically had a giant box with a variety of flowers in each for each table. That way my coordinator and her team could just open each box and pop the already-fluffed paper flowers on the table.
Want to make some of your own? Here’s a tutorial on how to make paper flowers!


Tissue Paper
Rotary Cutter (or scissors)


Start with two sheets of tissue paper. Mine was purchased in bulk so it only has the center fold, but using regular tissue paper with more folds works too.
Fold the two sheets of tissue paper in half.

Fold in half again.

Find the corner with all of the separate pieces of paper (not one with a fold). Take this corner and fold it to the opposite edge to make a triangle.

Trim off the extra rectangle of paper. I did this using a rotary cutter, but scissorswork as well.

When you open up the triangle to make a square, you’ll notice that some edges still have a fold. Trim off that edge using a rotary cutter, or slip the scissors into the fold and cut to separate all the pieces of paper. Basically, you want eight individual squares.

Fold the paper, accordion style. I usually ended up with six or seven folds.

Staple the accordion in the center.

Trim each edge to create the “petals” of the flower. See below to find other ways of cutting the ends of each flower to create a different look.

Carefully start to separate the layers of the flower. Pull from the inside of each layer, as opposed to out on each edge. This will help keep the flowers from tearing. To be honest, we ripped a lot of petals but there are so many on each flower that it wasn’t noticeable.

Keep fluffing the layers until you have half the flower.

And then fluff the other side! Voila! You’ve made a paper flower!

DIY Projects For Teens Bedroom

DIY Projects For Teens Bedroom

Looking for some DIY projects for teens bedroom? Every teenager dreams of having a cool bedroom — I know I did when I was younger. Now that I have a teenager of my own, she’s been begging me to find what amazing things we can do to make her space her dream room. So we did our research, from crafts I did before, to other interesting and popular projects on Pinterest. Check out the fruits of our labor, which is this list of the best teen bedroom ideas for the room makeover your teen is dying to have!

Cool DIY Projects for Teens Bedroom

1. DIY Headboards

Looking for the right headboard design? Make the bed the focal point of the room by making these upholstered and creative DIY headboards

2. Trash Can Night Stand

This should be on your list of bedroom ideas on a budget because it requires something you probably already have — a trash can! A super easy DIY nightstand project any teen can make, just grab a cool metal trash can, turn it upside down, and spray paint it in your favorite color.

3. DIY Pillows

Take your pick from these adorable DIY pillow designs and ideas. Some of them are even no-sew, so any teen can make one for their bedroom.

4. Ping Pong Ball Pendant

If you’re looking for DIY bedroom ideas on a budget, this project is definitely a good contender. Did you know that you can make an amazing light fixture with ping pong balls? A few cans of spray paint and lots of ping pong balls can really awaken your teen’s space

5. DIY Photo Frames

Need new photo frame designs for your memory lane shelves? Keep your memories near and dear with this amazing selection of DIY photo frame craft projects

6. DIY Flower Monogram

Take the liberty to create your favorite flower color combinations for this DIY teen room project. Make a cute monogram with faux flowers

7. Paint Chip Calendar

Want something inexpensive and colorful for your bedroom? Keep track of the days with this easy DIY project with paint chips.

8. Glass Gem Tiled Table

Every household probably has an old unused table in a random corner. Give that old table a makeover with some paint and tile it with glass gems. This piece will surely add glam to your cool bedroom

Cool DIY Friendship Bracelets

Cool DIY Friendship Bracelets

DIY bracelets are a hip fashion in the past. Remember the 90s? The grunge ripped jeans and Chuck Taylors. One of the biggest trends that emerged were friendship bracelets. Over a decade later and 90s fashion is finally making its long-awaited comeback. Introducing the joys of flannel and casual footwear to a new generation but with a whole new silhouette—including accessories.

True to the 90s aesthetic, accessorizing for this season is still all about contrasts. Mixing and matching colors and texture, then piling them all on to achieve that desired casual insouciance. Though instead of loud colors, shapes, and patterns, arm parties have been reinvented to achieve a more tasteful approach for these easy DIY bracelets.

Cool DIY Bracelets that Make Cute Friendship Bracelets

1. Wrap Bracelets

Best stacked on your wrist in multiple colors, this eye-catching style offers a simple but colorful way to add more personality into even the plainest outfit. You can follow the step-by-step instructions for this wrap DIY bracelets here.

2. DIY Beaded Bracelets

These are easy, DIY bracelet ideas that you can make at home and give away to your friends. Pile them on your arm and pair it with different textures such as metal and silk for contrast. If you want to give this DIY a try

3. Heart Bracelet

In the spirit of DIY friendship bracelets, nothing says you’re true BFFs than by taking the time to weave cute patterns on your friendship bracelets. One of the most popular friendship bracelet patterns is the heart bracelet which you can view here for the complete DIY.

4. Braided Cuffs

Take a simple braided pattern and insert beads through the threads as you go along the length of your bracelet. This gives your braided bracelet a pretty little sparkle, best worn stacked with other cute friendship bracelets you’ve collected from your BFFs. For the complete tutorial click here.

5. Knot Bracelets

Who knew those random knots will come in handy one day for fashion purposes. Start by choosing preferred colors that you want for your DIY bracelet (keep it all in the same color family but in different shades) and experiment with different knot techniques. This post has the full DIY.

6. Fishtail Braids DIY Bracelets

These fishtail braids are great for making delicate friendship bracelets stacked with chunkier pieces. If you’re making one, be sure to choose fabric in colors that pop. The full DIY is available in this post.

7. Chain Bracelets

A great addition to any stack, one or two chain bracelets add a little shine to your arm party. You can wear these chain bracelets with your favorite party outfit and no one will even suspect it’s not designer bracelets but DIY bracelets.

8. DIY Bracelets with Hex Nuts

Speaking of metal, mixing a few metallic pieces here and there with some texture, from leather or fabric can add an edgy twist to your stack. Wear this with your staple casual minimalist outfits such as blue jeans and shirt to give it a more rock and roll feel

9. Stylish Wrap Bracelets

Pile on the personality on the wrist. Make a statement by wearing your aspirations, dreams, and everything that you stand for as handmade jewelry. Whether it’s to remind you of your dream or to symbolize your goals, stylish wrap bracelets are a welcome addition to arm parties as a way to personalize the look.

10. Sassy DIY Bracelets

Following previous DIYs of mixing metals and fabrics, this DIY using a gold chain and cross-stitch thread is a quick way to create a pretty fashion statement. It’s definitely an upgrade from your typical cute friendship bracelets.