Stunning and Useful Storage Ideas

Stunning and Useful Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas allow us to get really creative, while reusing and recycling things we already have in our home

Mason Jar

Mason Jars are not just for food and drink, someone got really creative with the idea to use them for storing makeup brushes, cotton balls, q tips and even as a holder for their glasses.

Office Organizers

These arent just for files and folders anymore, Office organizers like this one they are perfect for storing lids. Due to the sleek dimensions you can also install these on the inside of your cupboards.

Shoe Bags

Despite the name these are actually great for storing many bathroom and kitchen items, especially if you’re working with a small space.

Plastic Hooks

Utilize the storage space inside your cupboards by sticking on some plastic hooks and hanging your curling irons or any other items you so choose. These storage ideas are brilliant.

Toilet paper rolls

No need to throw out your old toilet rolls anymore, save them up and try to recreate this fantastic storage device for all your small items. Store your chargers, cords, and other wires in this nifty little contraption.

Stool Storage

Sounds a little crazy right? Well, an upside down stool and a some linen bags makes for a super sleek and interesting storage idea for your umbrella, wrapping paper, craft items, etc.

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